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Little Loads manufacture their own PUREARTH™ mulches and soils with control measures including the DEC (Department of Environment and Conservation) to provide a product with no equal. We do not use any artificial colours such as iron sulphate to produce our mulch. Perth gardeners know and trust us. All our products are naturally composted using real pea and our prices are very cheap.

All mulches serve a similar purpose in that they help to control soil temperature by keeping the soil warmer in winter and cooler in summer thus promoting more vigorous plant growth. They all help to suppress weed growth and buffer or stop soil drying out.

They, therefore, help to maintain worm activity in the soil by creating a better environment. The main differences are the texture and appearance of the different mulches, and of course the varying price. This helps to determine which one to select, unlike soils and composts which are more specific in their suitability. If all mulches are applied at 75 to 100mm thick, they are all fairly tolerant of wind erosion, providing they get some water to help weigh them down in very bad wind conditions.

For more details of these and other products, you can download a description and application guide here. Whether you are a keen home gardener or a tradesperson, please contact us if you have any specific queries we can help you with


1 Scoop $25

2 Scoop $50

1M3 $75

Enviromulch, Hardwood fines and Peat, all screened, then blended and composted with Leachate (b).


1 Scoop $18

2 Scoop $36

1M3 $54

Green waste ground to approximately 50mm. Composted using Leachate (b). Natural dark in colour.


1 Scoop $28

2 Scoop $56

1M3 $84

Processed Enviromulch, Hardwood bark, fines and Peat, all screened, blended and composted with Leachate.


1 Scoop $35

2 Scoop $78

1M3 $117

Crushed, processed Karri/Jarrah Bark, Composed & Screened Peat.


1 Scoop $39

2 Scoop $62

1M3 $93


1 Scoop $37

2 Scoop $74

1M3 $111


1 Scoop $41

2 Scoop $82

1M3 $123


1 Scoop $15

2 Scoop $30

1M3 $45


1 Scoop $42

2 Scoop $84

1M3 $126


Organic Compost

‘Available Soon’: Contains Composted Straw, Premix (a), Fine Compost, Leachate (b), all screened. Ideally suited as a feeding mulch/compost for general planting except for Natives. Great for roses, fruit trees and flowering plants. Just cultivate in, or apply to top of garden beds. Has great texture and is slightly coarser than the Fine Compost because of the higher straw content. It can be used as a mulching compost and is almost naturally black in colour.

Fine Compost

Contains Composted Lawn Clippings and Verti Mowing, Sawdust, Premix (a) and Leachate (b). All screened. Like the Organic Compost can be used as a mulching compost but is more suited to digging in as it has a higher nutrient level and is finer. Again, keep away from Natives, but is great for all roses, exotics and flowering plants and most others in general. It also is naturally almost black in colour and is really well suited to broad acre applications

Premium Fine Compost

Mulches and Compost

As is with fine compost but with correction minerals Is the same blend as the Fine Compost but has the added benefit of the correction minerals and rock dust, which when dug in to existing sand or soil correct the structure and lock in nutrient availability in that zone, helping the environment by stopping the leaching of water nutrients, creating vigorous plant growth and drought tolerance and much better yield. Because this is designed to be cultivated in, the new soil or ‘structure’ is in great shape to help the root zone of the lawn or plant that is living in it and is long term. Great as a base for new lawns with its high level of organic matter. Again, keep away from Natives, but is great for all roses, exotics and flowering plants and most others in general.



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